About Us

Meet the Founder & Prideful Kids

My name is Dr. Candice Dawson and along with the original Prideful Kids, Caylee and Donovan, began this educational toy company in February 2017. In our family we decorate for every holiday. My kids love it and honestly, so do I. As a mom that home schools her kids, I have always felt it was equally important to teach them their culture, as well as, expose them to others’ cultures. As you know, February is Black History Month. This year Caylee decided that she wanted to decorate the house for it. Well, there are not that many decorations available, if you can find any at all. I was able to locate a few posters and some games after doing weeks of searching online and in stores. It was disappointing when I found there were only books (none age appropriate for PK-K) in the teacher stores. I wanted decorations, but I also wanted to find some hands-on activities for my kids as well. Every store had the life cycle of a frog, but there was nothing hands-on when it came to Black History. I went home and began jotting several ideas of what the kids would like and possibly like concerning Black History decorations and activities. Suddenly I thought to myself, why not make our own. I combined my backgrounds in PK-8, higher education, Montessori method, and all my degrees and developed Prideful Kids. The idea grew into something bigger and more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I have my kids… the original Prideful Kids, to thank for these incredible products for 3-6 year olds. We hope you enjoy being a Prideful Kid as much as we do!